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Ambassadors for the Breed

NMDA's Ambassadors For The Breed Program gives you and your animals an opportunity to be formally recognized for doing what we all know Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys do best . . . bring joy and delight to the lives of all who encounter them. The aim of the Program is to recognize your Donkeys and farm for sharing, and in turn, promoting the Breed. Award winners will receive a unique sew-on patch, will be acknowledged in ASSET with a photo and your short write-up about how you earned the award. Also, upon completion of the Program, your entry fee will be donated to a donkey rescue organization to benefit the Breed yet again.

Program Requirements

  1. Owners must be NMDA members.
  2. Donkeys must be ADR or MDR registered.
  3. This is a lifetime award, and there is not time limit to earn it.
  4. The Program is set up on a point system recorded on a tally sheet which is returned to the Program Secretary upon completion. Points may be accumulated through individual animals (200 total points) or farms (400 total points) for recognition. This is an honor system, but for your own protection, signatures to validate your points (when possible) are requested.
  5. Accumulated points are transferred with the donkey, if sold, and the new owner(s) can continue to accumulate points. The new owners must also be NMDA members.
  6. Points are valid when listed on the Program's Point Tally Sheet. The Tally Sheet will be mailed to participants when a completed entry form and a $15 entry fee is received by the Secretary. The entry fee will be used to cover expenses invlved with administering the Program. Upon completion of this Program, entry fees will be matched and donated to a national donkey rescue.
  7. Events beginning from December 1994 forward may be recorded and earn points on the Tally Sheet.

NMDA Ambassadors for the Breed Program Entry Form (Please Print or Type Clearly)

Donkey's Registered Name
ADR/MDR # Date of Birth Sex
Owner's Name Telephone#
Farm Name
City State Zip

Enclose $15.00 entry fee and mail to:

NMDA Ambassadors for the Breed Program
c/o Ellen Dahlstet, Secretary
2961 County Road 31
Blair NE 68008      402-238-2738

Point System Chart

Event Points
Participation in a Charity or Community Service event 10 per day
Participation in a non-charity event, which brings the donkey before the public in a favorable light 10 per day
Participation in a Parade 10 per day
Appearance on TV/Movies 10
Farm Tours (for example school children, elderly or handicapped groups 10
Photo or story about your animal or farm in local publications, magazines or article in Asset 10
Note: One event can lead to more than the points shown for it. For example, a parade event may produce newspaper and TV coverage. This combination of events would produce 30 points--10 points for the parade, 10 points for newspaper, and 10 points for TV. Points can be accumulated in one or any combination of events.

Please address all correspondence to:

  • NMDA Ambassadors for the Breed Program
  • c/o Ellen Dahlstet, Secretary
  • 2961 County Road 31
  • Blair NE 68008      402-238-2738