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Ellen Dahlstet
Program Coordinator

NMDA has worked with Dr. Gus Cothran, Ph.D., of Texas A&M's Veterinary Integrative Biosciences Department since 2000 in two NMDA-sponsored DNA studies and most recently in continuing requests for DNA Typing*/Testing**. What follows is some basic information about the DNA process. For further details or questions please get in touch with me at: 2961 County Road 31, Blair, Nebraska 68008/ nmdadna@earthlink.net/402-238-2738.

1. To begin the DNA process, simply send a copy of an individual's registration (front and back) to me along with a check (payable to NMDA). You will be sent a DNA Sampling Form that includes instructions necessary for processing by the laboratory. A veterinarian is not required to pull hair samples.

If an individual has not been registered as yet, all that's needed is: what their full registered name will be, birth date, gender and registration paperwork (front and back) of their papered sire and dam, if possible.***

2. The DNA Typing fee is $40/domestic and $45/foreign for each Miniature Donkey Typed. No additional fee is charged for animals already DNA Typed when future parentage qualifications are required.

3. After DNA is processed you will receive DNA Type Sheet(s) for your files. DNA Typing/Testing information is handled confidentially and the release of information either prior to or after the creation of a DNA Type Sheet is ultimately left to the discretion of the owner of the animal. The NMDA and its representative(s) will not act as arbitrator(s) between breeders.

4. Export Permits for DNA samples are required outside the U.S. If needed, one will be provided with the DNA Sampling Form. (Export Permits are not needed for Canadian samples.)

*DNA Typing for a lifetime of identification unique to each Miniature Donkey.

**DNA Testing for parentage qualification of offspring thereby encouraging more certain pedigrees.

***The DNA process can be initiated as a first step in the registration process even if registration numbers have not been issued.

After providing what the full registered name, date of birth and gender are for an individual to me, the usual DNA Sampling Form will be mailed to you. After the Form is completed but before it's mailed back for further processing, it's suggested that two copies be made . . . one to keep with your records and the other to send along with each of your MDR Application of Registrations to demonstrate that your Miniature Donkey(s) are in compliance with the permanent ID requirement that is now in place for this Registry.

NOTE: When one parent and offspring are DNA Tested the results are about 90%. When the dam and suspected sires are DNA Tested this rises to 99%. The one exception to this is where there is close breeding in the pedigrees of the jacks or dams involved — then it is necessary to DNA Type/Test all in order to qualify the parentage of the offspring.

As of August, 2010 the Miniature Donkey Registry (administered by The American Donkey and Mule Society, www.lovelongears. com) requires either microchipping or DNA as a form of permanent identification prior to registration. DNA Typing/Testing of Jacks and Jennets encourages more certain pedigrees than registries can provide. DNA is a scientific, objective approach to qualifying parentage that a registry is not capable of.

To recognize the contributions made to the Miniature Donkey community by DNA Typing, NMDA will annually publish The NMDA Miniature Donkey DNA Record reflecting the registered names of Miniature Donkeys who have been DNA Typed. Specific information on DNA Type Sheets will remain confidential. NMDA's goal is to encourage owners to have their Miniature Donkeys DNA Typed as a way to benefit themselves and also add to the "genetic library" for the betterment of the Breed. (1/11)

DNA Stickers

When DNA Type Sheets are generated by Texas A&M University, they show Accession Numbers that should not be noted on registration papers for reasons of confidentiality. However, a "DNA TYPED", tamper-resistant sticker is sent along with DNA Type Sheets that can be applied to registration papers. See sample below. (Extra stickers are provided for mature updates or in case multiple registries are involved).

What DNA Offers:

  • Provides a lifetime of identification unique to each Miniature Mediterranean Donkey.
  • Provides f or parentage qualification of offspring.
  • Provides a more certain pedigree over time as generations are placed on file at the laboratory and offspring are qualified as to parentage.
  • Contributes to the DNA "library" on Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys and its possible future use to benefit the Breed; for example, studies of dwarfism, disease or color.